miércoles, 28 de julio de 2010

UNIT 6!!!!!!

The process of admission to the university of Madrid:
Presents a selection test
Professions selects you would like to study
Founded in 1989, Carlos III University of Madrid is one of the six public universities located in the Community of Madrid.

Unit 5

common measure that españoles do
the differents activities that man does in the everyday, on personal errands, social, employment, as professionals comercial, require and cause a varity of documents that provide evidence of their actions.
the Spanish leader of a family has all those responsabilities, these steps to keep your home, such as receipts remove water, gas, electricity tollet and all other benefits TV, internet .
the are the personal errands such as shopping, going to the doctor go to the hairdresser, grocery shopping, go to the bank these are the most common performed by Spanish.

martes, 6 de julio de 2010


Every 4 years the world glass of the futbool is celebrated where there is demonstrated the talent of every country that takes part. In this one specifically SOUTH AFRICA 2010 has been the world one of the surprises since they have eliminated the equipments mas sounded of all the times. I hope that it gains the best and suerteee

School Memories

I studied in school U.E."Alejandro Fuenmayor" from the 7th to 5th year. It was a fun promotion with which he shared many moments filled with laughter, sadness, madness but mostly for companionship.

My promotion was the XXV and our slogan was "naturally with way too much."

The strongest time for our promotion was the loss of one of the most important teachers of Mathematics. raquel ramirez. Our promotion was dedicated to him.

Discuss. Your experiences .. How was your graduation? Where you graduastes?

Save the planet

Urban Legends Venezuela

Pica-Pica AnimaThe route of Chaguaramas to Valle De La Pascua there is a legend that is worth keeping in mind to venture out on these roads safer. It happens that many years ago to a carrier was lost a mule for these properties and the search appeared to him the remains of a soldier under a bush of pica-pica. This poor man had managed to flee the frightful slaughter of the Battle of Jacome. However, the carrier reached an agreement with the remains of the soldier: "If you help me to find the mule before dawn, as it should entomb you. The mule appeared and this was the first miracle attributed to him the soul of Pica-Pica. But because the carrier failed to fulfill its part to get home in Valle de la Pascua ill and died but not before asking your children to fulfill their promises. That's why under the tree Pica-Pica is now a holy wooden cross as chauffeur passes there it goes down and lights a candle to her miraculous soul.

sábado, 29 de mayo de 2010


Restaurant name: SABOR ZULIANO
Kind of food: ZULIANA
Food an the menu: Pabellón, albondigas , pollo en coco.
Excellent service
This one located in a good zone
It is very visited at every hour
My personal opinion is that the food is incredibly good

The simple present!!!!

I do have arepa for breakfast

I go to school at 1:00

I speak to english at school

I do her homework in class